Tromsø: third best destination in the world for experiences

The world’s largest travel site, Tripadvisor, has named Tromsø as the world’s third best travel destination. No cities in Europe received a better ranking.

Tromsø was only defeated by La Fortuna in Costa Rica and Kauai in Hawaii. In the award, the fjords, reindeer feeding and the northern lights were featured as the best experiences in the “icy sea town”.

The site is based largely on tourists’ own opinions, where people can rank among other things, hotels, destinations and experiences. Tromsø has an average ranking of 4.77 points, behind Kauai with 4.79 and La Fortuna with 4.81.

Behind Tromsø was Rotorua in New Zealand, followed by Puerto Vallarta in Mexico.

The site has also rated countries as a whole based on experiences. Also there, Costa Rica came in best, followed by New Zealand and Vietnam.

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